Meet the Founder

Kelsey's Story

Although I can't pinpoint the exact moment I knew I was meant to do humanitarian work, I can safely assume it came out of a period of frustration. Frustration with what I was learning in architecture school. Frustration within myself that I wasn't doing anything meaningful or impactful. This intense period of frustration was at its height during my third year of architecture school.


Fast forward a year and a half and I was on a plane, by myself, heading to Cameroon. My goal for the trip was to do enough research that I would be able to design improved classrooms for a school in need. The research I did ended up being the least important part of my trip. The experiences I had with the students and teachers was far more valuable. I visited their homes and met their families. I took pictures with them and let them braid my hair. Before I left I knew that if I did anything with my life, it was going to be build this school so this community could flourish.


I founded Design Cause Inc. a year after my trip to Cameroon. I am excited about the impact we can have, not only with our first project, but with many more projects in the future. My dream for this organization is that it will bring the positive effects of design to communities in need around the globe, because everyone deserves the chance to flourish in functional and beautiful buildings.

Kelsey's mini series

Listen to Kelsey answer commonly asked questions and tell stories about Design Cause's first project in Cameroon

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