Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday is upon us again. I have to admit, before this year I always thought of this day as a nice idea that would encourage people to remember that the holiday season is about more than just buying gifts, but now I see it as much more.

In January Design Cause Inc will be 1 year old. I have learned a lot about non-profit work in these past 12 months. Some things have been awesome, like working with the community in Cameroon, and some things have been less than awesome, being lightly exposed to the dark political side of nonprofit work. A lot of things have happened this year that I quick frankly just didn't expect. One of those things was just how hard it is to get donations. Convincing someone to donate just ten dollars to support someone less fortunate than them is painfully hard. What I have found is that getting a $5 donation is just as hard as getting a $1,000 donation.

Although some people are very generous, I do believe that our society's mindset about giving is skewed. Giving is the cherry on top- If you have satisfied all your own wants and needs then you can give some of the extra to charity. If the mindset was flipped and charitable giving was incorporated into monthly spending as a necessary expense then things would be very different. It wouldn't be seen as an added bind on your budget if you bought that extra box of girl scout cookies or threw in an extra ten for the salvation army drive. If the mindset was that you were fulfilling your monthly charitable agreement then it would become like second nature to give small amounts sporadically throughout the month to charitable organizations and those in need. This would not only make a large impact on the monthly income of charitable organizations and thus the amount of good work they could do, but it would also make charitable giving relaxed, enjoyable and fun.

Giving to a charity is suppose to be a feel good thing. You believe in what the organization is trying to do and by giving you are making yourself an integral part of their work. Every donation you contribute should make you feel proud and accomplished. If we are able to change the mindset and make charitable giving a part of our monthly expenditures then we are contributing to our ongoing happiness, wellbeing, and pride on a monthly basis.

I challenge you today and for every month going forward, to make small meaningful donations when they are presented to you. It will not only have an astounding impact on the organization but it will greatly impact your own happiness and sense of pride and purpose. And guess what? Today is the perfect day to start!

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