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Hello Design Cause community. I know there hasn't been a blog in a few weeks and I am about to tell you why. Things have been crazy- like I thought I was going to have to drop our first project and two weeks later i'm calling Cameroon to tell them we are ready to get construction started- kind of crazy. It has been a whirl wind of emotion and i'm about to give you the inside scoop.

So about three weeks ago I received the news that a major fundraising partner, who had agreed to fundraise for the entire amount needed for two classrooms, decided to drop the project. This was DEVASTATING to me. I had worked really hard to get this partnership, and I was already drowning in a sea of fundraising. I am very far from the fundraising type and although I keep hearing it can be fun, I have yet to experience it. I was sure that all was lost, and I decided that I was going to have to think of Design Cause as more of a side gig and less of a main stage thing.

Five days after this decision we were scheduled to have an event. Only 3 people had signed up as of five days out. I was also very upset about this and thought that it made sense to just cancel the event and take some time to figure out what was even going to happen to Design Cause. In the end I decided to run the event and it turned out to be a success. In total about 11 people showed up, it was a good time, and we even raised some money- much to my surprise. The event allowed me to arrange some potential donor meetings in the following weeks.

Suddenly everything changed. I received a $10,000 donation and was accepted to present Design Cause's project to a panel of judges at the Good Festival in Lausanne Switzerland. Over the course of the weekend I received an other three $1,000 donations and realized that Design Cause is only $2,000 away from being able to construct one classroom in Ngong, Cameroon. I didn't even know how to process the information. Suddenly everything became possible and doors that I thought were closed had been thrown open. Taking Design Cause to an international conference and giving our classroom design global attention was not something I ever thought would happen. Just like I never thought I would be able to receive a donation higher than $1,000.

In just one weekend things went from impossible to almost there!

I have now pivoted and started planning for the conference and the holiday giving season. As happy as I am to be so close to being able to build one classroom it makes more financial sense to build two classrooms so we are still pushing for our original goal of two classrooms. I believe it is possible now that I know how quickly things can turn around! I have started to plan the construction and make travel plans, 2017 will be a big year!

I went from feeling like things were over to thinking anything is possible as long as you don't give up. I hope this story is inspirational and keeps you motivated and moving forward towards your goals in life. I also hope that you make a donation to support our work and to help me get to Switzerland so I can put Design Cause on the global stage!

Please check out my campaign. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

#DesignCause #nonprofit #nevergiveup #TheGoodFestival

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