Design Cause Update: Tumultuous Waters

This week we have a short behind the scenes update on Design Cause. After a summer of strategizing and coming up with new campaigns for the fall, September started with a bang. We launched our first event of a fall event series and we began working with an outside partner who agreed to help with a substantial portion of the fundraising. This was all very exciting and allowed us to work on more of the logistics of how things would function once we were in Cameroon and to set up some rough timelines for completion of our first project, two classrooms for Saint Andrew's. We also applied to be a part of the Good Festival, a large conference that celebrates and showcases projects for the greater good. September really has been an exciting time for Design Cause.

Unfortunately in the past week things have really unraveled. Very few people have registered for our first event, and we never heard back from the Good Festival. We also started to learn more about the dire situation in Cameroon and their desperate need for classrooms. This has put more pressure on us to try and find funds to complete the project on a faster timeline that originally planned. Right when this dire need was being voiced Design Cause lost the support of our fundraising partner. This was extremely disappointing and has made us take a step back.

Failure is a part of business. But repeated failure can't be ignored. Clearly something needs to shift in order for Design Cause to be able to reach our goals. Right now we are taking some time to collect our thoughts and regroup. There are some questions about how we should address the immediate desperate need in Cameroon and how Design Cause will adjust to some of the recent changes. In any business endeavor plans change and agility is key. We will continue to navigate these tumultuous waters as we work towards a solution that appeals to the community in Cameroon, our donors in North America, and the individuals doing the work at Design Cause.

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