Shifting ideologies and plans for the future

The summer is a slow time for nonprofits. People are preoccupied planning vacations and spending long summer days enjoying the sun. We knew this going in and decided to spend most of the summer planning our next moves. Our online campaign is set to finish on August 5th ( if you haven't contributed you can here: ) and after that we are in full strategy mode until the fall.

So here is a little snap shot of what we are planning for the fall, and yes you are invited.

I now feel more confident in what things Design Cause does well and what sorts of things are working to help us reach our fundraising goal. Because of this we have decided to move forward with small events every few weeks that are aimed at bringing a community together that wants to have fun with friends while supporting a community in need abroad. These gatherings will take place every few weeks with a new fun activity every time. From ceramic painting to salsa workshops and cooking classes, these events aim to bring people together for a few hours, not only to have fun, but to feel good about supporting communities in need with design. Our hope is that these events build on each other and become a new way to expand our group of supporters.

I'm confident that this sort of initiative will catch people's attention because it is centered on giving something to the donor. The focus is on having an enjoyable, relaxing few hours with friends without the pressure of having to give a donation, which is typical of charity events. I want to make sure people have fun and want to come to the next one with a friend. The proceeds Design Cause will be receiving from the modest upfront cost of attending these events will be small, but our community will grow and that is the ultimate goal.

Design Cause is shifting its ideology. I have noticed that many nonprofits don't focus on donors like for-profits do. There is this idea that the donor should give to the organization and then receive something in return, but in for-profits the business gives something to the customer and the customer provides money in return. It's the exact opposite. It seemed like nonprofits are missing the mark and I wanted to make sure Design Cause was structured more like a business. Because of this we worked to develop an idea that provides individuals with something they want to do regardless of whether it was tied to a good cause or not.

Many socially conscious businesses employ this model and it works extremely well. Take Tom's Shoes for example. If no one liked the shoes they would have failed regardless of their one-for-one mission, but because people love their shoes they buy them and the mission of the company is just the cherry on top. Design Cause doesn't want to be Tom's Shoes by any means, but we believe there is a lesson to be learned from their business model.

As the summer starts to wind down keep an eye out for brand new Design Cause events. We are hopeful that it will be a success and bring new faces into the Design Cause community. We are also excited to see where this new ideology takes us and how we will grow into the organization that we want to be.

Maybe we will see you at one of our events. I hope we do.



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