It's Only the Beginning

Founder Kelsey with students of Saint Andrew's of Ngong

Design Cause Inc. has been in the making for over two years. When I first started working with the community in Cameroon it was because I wanted to see how my education in architecture could really make a positive impact on the world. I was tired of hearing how the 'right design' of an expensive office building or high end residential home was making the world a better place.

What I have learned during this process is that architecture and design holds a special place in a community. It is a point of pride and inspiration that everyone feels connected to. This sentiment is felt much more strongly in a community where lasting infrastructure is not common. What I realized after a year of research and time spent with this community was that the school I was working on isn't just a school for children to learn in. It is a point of pride for the entire community, an inspirational monument to children who attend or hope to attend in the future, and a symbol of identity for everyone who lives nearby. The school represents a brighter future for all.

When Saint Andrew's of Ngong is finished it will cause a ripple effect. When other communities see the positive impacts of a well designed structure in Ngong they will want the same for their village. They will also want to have a building that the entire community is proud of and that students are motivated and inspired by. This ripple effect is what will create the positive impact on the world that I was looking for in my architecture studios at university.

That is what Design Cause is all about. Designing buildings and spaces that solve cultural and climactic problems and create a sense of identity that inspires and motivates others. Its not just about providing a building. It's about unlocking a mindset and helping others realize how they can better their lives and their children's lives with the power of design.

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