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Thunga Library and Support Center

Our second project is our crowning achievement but our work isn't done yet! In order to make the new classrooms effective, we are providing an urgently needed library and support center for Thunga primary and secondary school.


The work we did in Thunga has changed hundred's of student lives, but in order to continue our impact well into the future a support center and library are critical

Why a support center?

A support center is a critical space for attracting and retaining high quality teachers. This structure will provide spaces for teachers to store their teaching materials safely, put together their lesson plans, and have places to gather for meetings. Without a support center teachers are forced to do their work outside with no space for materials or adequate surface for writing. Given the choice, most teachers will only go to a school that has appropriate places for them to do their work which is why this support center is so vital to the success of Thunga Primary School. 

Why a library?

Libraries provide a multitude of functions that serve students both in and out of the classroom. The vast majority of students at Thunga Secondary School cannot afford the books required for class. Having shared versions in the library will enable these students to keep up with the curriculum and get closer to graduation. It will also provide a safe study space after school as the vast majority of students do not have any form of light at home. 

A library also provides space to house shared computers in a computer lab. Learning computer skills such as typing can be immediately translated into a job making a computer lab incredibly valuable addition to the school. 

The Logistics

The Timeline

This exciting project is scheduled to break ground in spring or summer of 2023.

The Cost

All together this project will cost $35,000

To see a full breakdown of the cost see the donation page here.

The Design


The Support Center

The support center will be on the same campus as the new classrooms we completed in 2018. Because of this, the design will mirror many of the characteristics of our previous project. The support center will have a practical design focus, with the  aim to make it as functional as possible. 

The Library

The library is a chance for design cause to stretch it's design wings! The functionality and size of a library lends itself to creativity and unique problem solving. We do not have a final design in place but will be working to design one of our best structures yet!


Focus on Sustainability

All our projects have a focus on sustainability and this one is no different. 

Sustainable Materials

Just as we did in Cameroon and Thunga, we will be using sustainable and local materials whenever possible. This includes our signature soil stabilized brick wall construction. These compressed earth bricks have the same strength as a cement block at a fraction of the cost and environmental toll. We will also be using locally made metal windows and doors.

Local Labor

Just as we did in Cameroon and Thunga, we will be using entirely local labor. We will be using the same foreman (Mkoko) and translator (Witness) that helped us build the Thunga Primary School classrooms. We will rely on them to help build a team of day laborers, inevitably many who helped us build the classrooms for Thunga primary. We will also be employing a team of women that will help us carry water to the site everyday. 


Please consider becoming a part of this exciting new project to continue the great work we are doing in Thunga, Malawi!

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